Friday, December 20, 2013

Review: Slave to passion by Elisabeth Naughton

Author: Elisabeth Naughton
Title: Slave to passion
Series: Firebrand series #2
Beings: Djinns

Rating: A
Heat: Burning

Bought from: Amazon
Read book format:  Ebook

The djinn prince Nasir has been thrown in the pits of Jahannam, now nothing more than a slave, to fight for others entertainment. Then one day the slave girl Kavin is put in his cell.
She must sleep with him, or die. 

This cover is different from the other two in the series. I would have prefered that the author sticked to the theme. At least the colors are the same, and it's not a bad cover. 

When I started to read this one I didn't really know what to expect, concidering that the first book was just amazing! But this one didn't let me down either. Elisabeth shows again that she's a great author. 

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