Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Cover reveal of The Sacrifice!

The Sacrifice is my next book that I will publish. I'm hoping it will be out by 15th May on Amazon. Today I will reveal the cover for the book. The Sacrifice is book one in the Enchanted Ever After Series for you who enjoys reading short stories about love, passion and lust where elves, angels, vampires and other beings are involved. Please note that the series is not suitable for readers under 18. 

Book description:
The Forest People have always been there, hiding in the shadows and helping whenever their help was needed. Adna grew up hearing stories about them, the pointy eared and beautiful beings that lived in the forest. She even saw one of them once, and she never forgot him. He had made her heart beat like never before, and now she was the sacrifice. By giving herself up to the Forest People, her village would have another twenty years of their aid. She was scared and nervous because no one knew what happened to those who were sacrificed. They just disappeared and never came back, but all Adna could think about was his marvelous blue eyes.

And here you have the cover!

I hope you like it! :)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Angel in Chains got a 5 STAR REVIEW!

Today Angel in Chains got a 5 star review! It's written by Lucinda and you'll also find it on Amazon and Goodreads. Thank you very much, Lucinda! :)

ANGEL IN CHAINS is an absorbing paranormal romance/ erotica that `gets under your skin' and leaves you shaken! The intensity between Inez and Aledyan is magnetic; as though it was destiny or fate that had brought them together. The beautiful hardback book that I was sent from the author is stunning, and will appeal to fans of JR Ward and Larissa Lone. With a cast of deeply beguiling characters; each uniquely distinctive in terms of alluringly evil or otherwise were just fantastic. As you enter the cave and encounter an Angel in chains, nothing is ever the same again...

At 202 pages I found this a quick read despite being packed with delicious detail and sinfully seductive *adult scenes. Deeply beguiling and wrought with fiery passion, Nellie C Lind's outstanding novel is an addictive read and definitely my `guilty pleasure'. I was desperate to find out what would happen and if true love really does conquer all! It is heartrending tale of deception versus sincerity and lust versus love that speaks from the soul, tugging at the strings of emotion. I am most impressed by Nellie C Lind's phenomenal paranormal novel that had me glued to the pages throughout, pulling me into the tantalizingly tempting storyline with such dynamic drama. Sat on the edge of my seat in suspense throughout, I was kept guessing right up to the very end...and what an end! The stunning conclusion to such an unforgettable story was pure perfection, and so I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

What would you do if your one true love could set you free?
What price would you pay?


Friday, April 4, 2014

Do you want a hardcover of Angel in Chains?

The hardcovers of Angel in Chains are finally here! If you want one then let me know. 
My mail: nellieclind (at)

Price: 159 kr + shipping.

Other currencys based on the Swedish price:

24 USD + shipping
15 GPB + shipping
18 EUR + shipping

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