Friday, December 20, 2013

Review: Possessed by desire by Elisabeth Naughton

Author: Elisabeth Naughton
Title: Possessed by desire
Series: Firebrand series #3
Beings: Djinns, angels

Rating: B
Heat: Hot

Bought at: Amazon
Read book format: Ebook

The third djinn brother Ashur is Zoraidas pleasure slave, but unlike his brothers, he isn't bothered with his situation. He has even turned his back against his brothers, feeling that they have betrayed him. But then he's sent on his first mission and he meets Claire. 

Very nice cover. I really like the colors!

After reading the first two books in this series I just had to read the third. Yet again the writing is great and the story captured me. Ashur is a very interesting character and you sometimes can't tell which side his on, which makes it even more exiting. But I didn't feel the connection between Ashur and Claire like I did between the characters in the first two books. 

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