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Interview with Georgia Lyn Hunter.

Today, Georgia Lyn Hunter comes out with a new book! I asked her a few questions, and here you have them along with a presentation and information about her latest release - Darkness Undone - out today!! 

About the Author:
I’ve been creating stories from the moment I could string two words together. No matter the tale, it always has romance woven through them. Yes, I'm a hopeless romantic.

When I’m not writing or plotting new books, I like to read, travel, painting, or troll flea markets where I usually buy things I might never actually use because they're so pretty.

After working in a few jobs all art related, a chosen career as a fashion designer, then an art teacher, I finally found my passion five years ago: writing. There really is no other job I’d rather do.

Oh, and I live in the beautiful country of South Africa.


Genre: Paranormal romance
Series: The Warlords of Empyrea - Book 1

A fading realm, a warrior bound, and the woman who will save them both…

Bound to a vengeful goddess, immortal warrior, Reynner, has little time for the fairer sex. The lastthing he wants is to be aligned with another female, even if she is the key to finding an artifact and saving his realm. But his stone-cold resistance is tested, his attraction undeniable for the feisty mortal, until she demands the one thing he cannot give her…his trust.
Eve Leighton avoids intimacy of any sort after an accident in her teens left her with a painful ability to see into another’s mind through physical contact. When an ice-cold warrior claims she is his world’s savior, she’s intrigued, until she dares a look into his soul and sees a man who’s been cruelly betrayed. She agrees to help him and loses her heart. But the man is an unassailable fortress. With quiet determination, she chips away his barriers and a passion darker than night pulls them under.
As his enemies close in on the hunt for the artifact, Reynner must overcome his own personal demons as battles are fought to claim the woman he loves or lose her forever. And Eve has to face her own mortality and fight for a love of a lifetime.


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Excerpt 1

The green-eyed female had better be the one they sought. Heavens help them all if he was wrong.
First, Reynner had to get his hotheaded prince to calm down before he could go after her.
His body still far too tense, Reynner willed the door to open farther. He hoped the breeze would cool his ardor, but that thought got shot to Hades when his dick seemed hell-bent on reminding him of how he’d responded to her.
“Do you know who you ambushed and almost killed before Daén sent you to me?” Reynner asked, trying to shut off desires that had no place in his life.
“Rebels, who else?” Aerén’s lips curled in disgust. “Those insipid degenerates deserve nothing less than a slow, torturous death.”
“No. Those were Darkrean males returning home after a stint of hunting. Had you killed them, the Darkreans would have retaliated, and you would have started another civil war.”
“And you see a difference? Rebels, Darkreans, they are just leeches who will bleed Empyrea into oblivion.”
Reynner nailed him an annoyed look. “They are still Empyreans, and as such, it is Daén’s job as ruler to deal with this situation. You need to stand beside your brother and help him. Not be a bloody hindrance.” He hoped his words landed with the impact of a boulder on Aerén’s hard head.
He glared. Apparently not.
“You’re high-lord of Ademéras. What are you doing to protect your domain?” Aerén demanded.
“Ademéras doesn't need me, it has a ruler,” Reynner stated, his tone flat. “My mother can take care of her territory.”
Aerén stared at him in disbelief. “Lucan’s right. You have become cold and heartless.”
“It’s good you know that.”
“Hell sure killed you,” Aerén shot back.
“Be thankful you never have to live that shit. Now, get yourself in gear and train with me, or go vent your frustrations elsewhere.” Reynner stalked off to the other end and the small, roughly excavated space he used as a changing room, Aerén’s words following him.
Cold. Heartless.
They pounded in his head as he grabbed a pair of sweats and a tee from the wooden shelf. Pain, he could live with since it was his constant companion. But guilt ate at his soul, knowing he was responsible for much of Aerén’s anguish.

Excerpt 2

He lifted his head. His skin pulled taut across the sculptured bones of his face. “You think I don’t want you? It’s been pure torture, Eve.”
“I don’t know what to think anymore,” she whispered.
He stared at her for a long second. “Undress.”
“Undress, Eve. Now.”
At his demand, she swallowed. She would be naked in front of a man who showed no softness. Had none to give. Still, she wanted him so badly; it hurt just to breathe. With trembling fingers, she reached for the first button on her shirt, but her hands shook too much.
The next moment, he reached out and swiftly undid the buttons and peeled her top off. He tossed it aside. Warm, callused palms slid to her back and her bra followed. Goosebumps flooded her skin at the cool air. Her nipples hardened. At his dark, caressing stare, she covered her breasts with her arms. He shook his head. “Don’t.”
He moved her hands away. His gaze slowly swept down then up again. Reynner trailed his open palms up her stomach to her cup her breasts. Squeezing gently, he pressed an open-mouthed kiss on the scar on her left breast, then dragged his tongue over her nipple, leaving behind a trail of heat in its wake.
Oh, God! Eve shuddered, her body thrown into a whirlpool of sensations.
His leathers creaking, he hunkered before her and snapped open the button of her jeans. He unzipped, then parted the fly, and dragged another heated kiss down her stomach.
Eve grabbed his shoulders as he pulled the denim down her hips. She stepped out of them, and he tossed the garment aside. He bit her stomach, eliciting another shudder from her. With his teeth, he caught the edge of her panties and pulled the scrap of cotton down her thighs, yanking them off.
He was at eye level and could see her—would see everything. Instinctively, she flung one arm across her breasts and the other covered her femininity.
“Eve.” He removed her hands, keeping them in a gentle but firm hold at her sides. “Look at me.”
Heat washed her face. Her heart raced. Biting back the urge to cover herself again, Eve met his burning gaze. Sunlight filtered through the treetops and dappled his pale hair in shimmering gold and silver hues. He was so beautiful.
“You are beautiful, Eve.”
The intensity of his stare made her tremble. And just like the time in his room, he was crouched before her once more. Except there was no fear in her now. Instead, desire and a deep yearning to be in his arms took hold.
“Reynner, please…kiss me.”
He did.


Q: What are the downsides and benefits of self-publishing for you?

A: The downsides? It’s a ton of work. The ownness falls upon the author with things like editing, proofreading, getting a professional cover made and of course promoting the book.
The benefits? I’m in control. I write my stories exactly the way I like.

Q: You have created several amazing characters. Each one is unique and fascinating. So, which character would you date and why?

A:  Ah, this is a toughie—LOL. Hmmm, I can't really choose, mostly because I fall a little in love with each of my character as I write them. But if I have to date anyone, I'm gonna go with my current hero, about to be released, Reynner from Darkness Undone. Heck, who wouldn’t love a broken angel? J

Q: How did you come up with the idea for your books?

It usually can be anything that catches my notice, watching TV, reading, randomly surfing the net. Like this word Empyreal. It caught my eye and stayed with me. A few days later, a thought struck: what would an immortal do when he’s finally found his mate, but she lies dying in an alley. I decided, nah, it wouldn’t work…but it was a thought that wouldn’t let go, so I worked it through many, many drafts. And months later Empyreal became Empyrea—a realm where my angels lived. And that thought became a novel for Aethan and Echo.
It’s how my Fallen Guardians series was born. J

With Darkness Undone, after reading the legends of various pantheons, the Sumerian one caught my attention; A goddess who’d send her consort to Hell. So what’s to stop her from sending a lover who spurned her, there too?
Twisting the myth a little to suit my story, my Machiavellian mind went to work and Darkness Undone was born.
Yeah, poor Reynner, he had to suffer, no matter how much I love him.

Q: How many books do you plan to write? 

A: It’s hard to say. With the Guardians, there are 7, plus there are a few important side characters. And as each character reveals their stories to me, I write it. And with the Warlords as it stands there’s 7 too. As they reveal their story to me, I will write them.

Q: It's the year 2026. Where has your writing taken you? 

A: Hibernating in a cottage in the highlands of Scotland overlooking a loch. Meanwhile Hollywood frantically searches for me with an offer to make my books into a compelling TV series J

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