Sunday, July 20, 2014

My journey to Poland!

A few days ago I came home from Poland after a two week long visit. I was born in Poland, but moved to Sweden when I was five years old. I went there with my son and mother and we came back home with our new little puppy - the yorkshire terrier Shanti. She has plenty of energy and is all over the place most of the time, but it's cute to watch her play. Here are some images that I took while we were in Poland. Unfortunately the quality isn't that good. 

This is the ship we went with. It takes about one day to get to Warszawa where my family lives. First one hour with the car to the ship. Then 19 hours on the ship. We then arrive at Gdansk and from there it's about 6-7 hours with the car to Warszawa. 

All over Poland you will see buildings like this one. They stand in the middle of other fancy buildings and people still live there. The restoration of Poland is slowly moving forward, but it will still take a long time before the country is up and running. During the 2nd world war the country was a ruin. My grandmother was one of the many who was put in line to be shot in the head. She was only 8 years old then. 

Restored buildings look often like this one. Poland seems to fancy the orange color. 

This is also a regular sight - commercial everywhere. 

My family's summer cottage. My grandparents build it in the 70's. 

We visited the graveyard where most of our family members are buried. Here lies my grandfather and when my grandmother dies, she will be buried here too. 

This is the house I grew up in before moving to Sweden. I used to play on this playground as a child with the other children from the neighbourhood, but all the things we used to play with are gone now. 

This is our little new puppy that we brought with us when going home. Her name is Shanti. :)

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  1. Hi Nellie. I followed you here from Face Book where I am listed as Valerie Spearman. I am now following you on blogspot. Looking forward to knowing you better.


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