Friday, June 13, 2014

The negative reviewers and their reviews.

I recently had a discussion with a few people on Goodreads about reviewing an author's book, and honestly it saddenes me to see how some people think. If not even reviewers can say one positive word about a book they didn't like, then no wonder the world looks the way it does. 

I have been reading reviews for many years, and from time to time I write reviews as well. When I write them I make sure the reviews are honest, because honesty is important. But if you must write a negative review, make sure to write it in a positive way. No author deserves a 100% negative review just because there were a few spelling errors in the book, and no author deserves to have his or hers will broken down because someone on the Internet had a dislike.

We are all humans and we all do our best. Not many people are able to start writing a book and finishing it. Please realize that there are many hours of hard work behind every author's book and therefore every author deservers constructive critisism instead of negative reviews. And remember that behind every book there is a living person with feelings.

If you happen to stumble upon a poorly written book and decide to write a review about it, don't push the author down. Help the author instead! You have no idea who the person behind the book is, what their life looks like, what they feel or think. Maybe that author just wrote that book for fun, or maybe that author is fighting to make a change in his or hers life. Maybe writing is all they can do and and they are in the process of learning. Or maybe they write ... to save their lives ... 

Every author out there is a brave person. He or she exposes themselves willingly to the masses to be either liked or hated, and often without the chance to defend themselves. That alone should be applaused. 

Remember that you can hurt someone for life with one simple word. Therefore choose your words wisely. You never know how someone might react to the words you say. 

Always be professional and mature in everything you do in your life. Look at the world with open eyes and a smile on your face. Spread light and love around you with that smile. Have you ever smiled toward a stranger on the street? I recommend you try it. Maybe that simple smile is everything that person needs to brighten their day. 


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