Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Alpha Contender, Volyme 1 by Terry Bolryder.

Author: Terry Bolryder
Title: Alpha Contender: Ten alphas compete for one woman!
Series: Alpha Contender #1
Beings: Shapeshifters

Rating: A
Heat: Mild

Bought from: Amazon (Free)
Bought book format: Ebook



Misty has few expectations from life. Work, read, sleep. But when she hears from a complete stranger that she's actually a powerful, shape-shifting werewolf, her life changes forever. 

Lindon believes he already had his shot at love long ago. And lost it. The tall, blond, sexy shifter is now only trying to keep his promise to his father by protecting Misty as she learns about her new place in the world and seeks to find a future mate. 

The only problem: she'll be meeting all of her prospective suitors at one time, and in one place. All TEN of them. All hot, single, alpha males competing for her heart. 

This book was something new for me, something I had never encountered before, and I loved it! I wondered how the author would be able to keep so many characters apart without the reader mix them up, but she gave great descriptions of all the characters, and it was easy to follow. The writing is great, the story is interesting, and I can't wait to find out what will happen next. 

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