Wednesday, January 1, 2014

First day of the new year!

I hope you had a wonderful new year! I spent mine at home with my son and family and at midnight we went out to watch the fireworks. Somehow it's always refreshing to wake up to a new year and imagine what will happen. It doesn't always turn out as planned, but at least you can make plans and hope for the best. 

So what does my plans look like for this year? Well, I will be focusing a lot on my company, my publishing house that is. In just a few days I have runned it for a whole year. The basics are more or less taken care of. For instance how to make a book cover, an inlay, ebook and so on. Last year I spent a lot of time learning. Of course there will be a lot learning this year as well, but I think that I will be focusing more on how to write correctly in English and how to actually publish a book at Amazon, Smashwords and so on. That's something I'm still not familiar with at this moment. Though I do have the EIN number that's necessary to make it possible. 

I also plan to publish several books, four actually, and I hope I will achieve that goal. First out is "Angel in chains". The book is finished and proofreading remains. After that I will continue with "Her cyborg", which I'm still writing. I also plan to write a sequel to one of those books, but I'm not telling which because I haven't really decided yet. Part from that I'm planning to translate one of my books that I wrote a few years ago to English. It's a science fiction romance. I made the cover for it yesterday, and I just love it! The English title for the book is "Light and darkness" so keep an eye open for that one as well. :)

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